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  Specialty Printers

SATO America, Inc., a leader in barcode printing solutions for over two decades, is recognized for delivering rugged dependability and reliable performance throughout its product line, which includes direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, RFID Smart printers, print engines, 10.5-inch wide web printers, printer accessories, Label design software, Labels, and thermal transfer ribbons.


GY4 Series
TG3 Series

 SATO M10e



Specialty Printer

SATO’s new M10e was designed with manufacturing applications in mind. This barcode printer creates labels up to a full 11.8 inches wide at a speed of up to 5 inches per second. The 10.5-inch printhead makes it possible to print large format compliance labels at top speed without rotating the image. The M10e printer can hold media sizes up to approximately 11.8” wide x 16.6” long. For maximum throughput, a 32-bit high speed RISC processor is in the heart of every M10e printer.


Specifications at-a-glance:
Print Method: Direct/Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution: 305 dpi
Print Width: 10.5"
Media Width: 5.2" to 11.8"
Memory: 16MB RAM/6 MB Flash (4MB available to download forms and fonts)
Print Speed: (max.) 5 ips



Specialty Printer

Advanced “GREEN SOLUTION” technologies are applied to this direct thermal printer that simultaneously prints on specially designed labels using 2 thermal print heads.


Environmentally Friendly
Improved Throughput Over Single Sided Printer
Savings in Consumables and Operating Costs
Ability to Eliminate Pre-Printed Information
Lower Total Cost of Operation


Provides Streamlined B2C and B2B Customer Communication Processes
Print On Demand Surveys, Coupons, Pack Slips, Warranties & Return Policies
Eliminates the Need for Separate Packing Slip and Other Printing Devices
Enhances Pick Pack and Ship Applications, Reducing Errors


Positive Environmental Impact
Reduces Land Fill Waste and Associated Expenses
Eliminates the Need for Additional Printers

Specifications at-a-glance:
Print Method: Direct Thermal
Print Resolution: 305 dpi
Print Width: 4.09"
Media Width: 1.97" to 5.16"
16 MB Flash ROM
SD Card Slot
Print Speed: (max.) 10 ips



Specialty Printer

This new series of retail SATO printers include a heavy duty print mechanism and cutter assembly which carries on the tradition of durability and performance of SATO solutions. With its industrial chassis and high performance processing, it tackles even the most demanding print jobs with supreme ease. Tags and labels automatically load with a touch of a single button, while sensors automatically calibrate gap or reflective markings ensuring proper print registration.


Specifications at-a-glance:
Print Method: Direct or Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution: 203 or 305 dpi
Print Width: 3.1"
Media Width:
0.9" to 3.1" (label)
0.9”-3.3” (tag)
Print Speed: (max.) 10 ips