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Datamax Printers



  Ultra-Rugged Receipt Printers

Ultra rugged thermal receipt printers offer the most rugged, reliable performance for route accounting, direct store delivery and field service where the ideal solution can’t be compromised.


microFlash 2te

microFlash 4t/4te

PrintPAD Series

 Datamax microFlash 2te

microFlash 2te                       


Rugged, Compact, Reliable

The microFlash 2te is the industry’s most rugged and reliable 2-inch wireless portable printer, in addition to being the smallest. In fact, the 2te is up to 33% smaller its nearest competitor! The 2te printer will dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of your workforce, and ensure that “printer failure” is a term that is rendered nearly obsolete. A grueling series of tests prove the 2te’s ability to withstand the most punishing physical abuse. As for performance, the printer’s processor is so fast that it rivals the output time of portable printers that claim to have twice the print speed.  The 2te is also easy to integrate into new or already established applications. It utilizes USB, and is compatible with today’s handheld terminals and laptops. The 2te can be managed through many software packages.


Specifications at-a-glance:
2” direct thermal printer
1.89” [48 mm] maximum print width
2.25" [57 mm] maximum media width
Bluetooth connectivity (optional)
Linerless option available
 Datamax microFlash 4t/4te

microFlash 4t/4te                       


Rugged, Reliable, Easy to Configure

With uncompromising standards, the 4t/4te is engineered throughout to withstand even the most punishing portable applications, including multiple 6 ft drops to concrete. The 4t/4te prints outstanding quality 4-inch receipts, proof of deliveries, labels, and invoices. The 4t comes with Serial and IrDA communication. The 4te is every bit as rugged as the 4t but it offers enhanced processing speeds (10 times faster), greater memory capacity, USB connectivity power status lights, external charging, and optional Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wireless connectivity.


Specifications at-a-glance:
4” direct thermal printer
4.10” [104 mm] print width
4.41" [112 mm] media width
Optional Bluetooth or 802.11b/g connectivity
 Datamax PrintPAD Series

PrintPAD Series                       


Integrated Solution: Carry, Charge, Communicate

The PrintPAD integrated printing systems offer mobile workers the convenience of a portable thermal printer and mobile computer united in a compact and ergonomic, rugged and reliable unit.  It's designed for use with a variety of Motorola®, Intermec, and Honeywell™ mobile computers.


Specifications at-a-glance:
4" direct thermal printer
4.10" [104 mm] print width
4.41" [112 mm] media width
Optional Bluetooth connectivity