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  Label Dispensers / Rewinders

We sell a wide variety of label dispensers and applicators.


A handheld applicator or dispenser can dramatically improve the efficiency of a laborer. No more time spent trying to separate the label from the liner and juggling a roll of labels in one hand while trying to apply the label with the other. Handheld applicators peel the label off the liner and present it for application. All the operator has to do is wipe the label on, and the applicator will automatically advance to the next label.


Fully Automatic

Semi Automatic








 Fully Automatic

Fully automatic label applicators are generally intended to be placed in a production line or high volume area. When placed in a production line an automatic label applicator can print and apply labels as they are fed down the conveyor belt. If you need a shipping label applied to a box of finished goods as it comes down the supply line, no problem. If you would like a front and back label applied to a round container as it is fed down the supply line we can do it for you.


 Semi Automatic

A semi automatic applicator is the first step towards automating a supply line. While an operator is still required, a semi automatic applicator does it all. All the operator has to do is place the object that needs a label into the applicator (box, bottle, etc.) and it does the rest. The applicator will sense the object, peel a label, and apply it to the object. Once this is done the operator removes the object and moves on to the next. Using a applicator also has the advantage of precise label placement. No more eye-balling the label to make sure that it is straight. Get a professional looking finished product every time.



Take-a-Label Label Dispensers


The complete line of TAKE-A-LABEL dispensers offers over a quarter century of label dispensing experience. Each dispenser is designed and manufactured to be dependable and durable; meeting the demanding requirements of today's industries. When your labeling project requires the durablility of the industry "work horse," look to TAKE-A-LABEL.


TAL-250 w/ Photo Cell


The TAKE-A-LABEL Model 250 uses the standard all steel frame construction and will provide the power and performance necessary for the most demanding applications.




This very affordable applicator provides a reliable, industrial grade labeling system that is very simple to operate. Its design and operation draws on over 30 years of dedicated…




The TAL-400R can also be used as a stand alone rewind system for rewinding pre-printed labels. This unit is shipped ready to work. Using all steel frame construction and a high…