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Looking for a way to cut down on labor costs, by having your labels quickly, accurately, and efficiently applied. We sell a wide variety of label dispensers and applicators. A handheld applicator or dispenser can dramatically improve the efficiency of a laborer. No more time spent trying to separate the label from the liner and juggling a roll of labels in one hand while trying to apply the label with the other. Handheld applicators peel the label off the liner and present it for application. All the operator has to do is wipe the label on, and the applicator will automatically advance to the next label.


Lumber Tagging Technology

Label Dispensers / Rewinders

  • Take-a-Label
  • Semi Automatic
  • Fully Automatic


All Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic applicators are custom engineered to your specifications. If you have an oversized, undersized, or odd shaped product do not worry we will provide you with a labeling solution. For more information and quotes please contact our sales department.